In May of 2014, South Dakota held its first Wildfire Awareness Week, which was such a great success that in May of 2015, South Dakota held its inaugural Wildfire Awareness Month!  The goals were the same as last year: to promote wildfire awareness, safety, and prevention.  The multi-agency planning committee (made up of local, state, and federal partners) is proud to share a few highlights from Wildfire Awareness Month 2015:

  • The State of South Dakota joined six western states in a multi-state proclamation signed by their respective governor's supporting Wildfire Awareness Month.

    • Those states included California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah.  

  • 26 public education and wildfire prevention events were held by various local, state and federal agencies.

  • 62 properties were treated through the "Junk the Junipers" campaign, removing hazardous fuels and making properties Firewise.

  • For the first time in the Black Hills, the Smokey Bear Hot Air Balloon was available to the public for viewing and free rides.

  • Over 1000 entries were submitted for our second annual Coloring Contest and entrants were from throughout the state.

  • 200 people attended our Kick-Off event at the Main Street Square.



We would like to thank everyone who participated, visited our events, helped plan or host events, and in general made this month a success.  We look forward to another successful year in 2016!

History and Highlights


The report details the events and successes of our 2015 Wildfire Awareness Month campaign.

The Wildfire Awareness Month Committee members and collaborators successfully held 26 events this May!  They included the Smokey Bear Hot Air Balloon, Main Street Square Kick-Off, multiple Volunteer Fire Department open houses, preparedness fairs and Firewise talks.  For more information on each event, see our 2015 Summary Report!